Birthday Fits

December 11
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Hi Guys!

This Sunday so far has been a great reset. This is the first Sunday in a lonnnnggg time that the two of us haven’t had anything planned and were just able to get ish done! What happened last weekend you might ask? Well we turned 27! Crazy right? Its been a solid week and 2 days and we still aren’t used to the upgrade. This week’s post shares the details of our casual-ish birthday outfits! We both wanted something relatively lowkey, but still said “Hey, it’s my birthday!”. We think we nailed it 😉

Holiday Gift Ideas for Him & Her!

December 1
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Happy Thursday ya’ll! We hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving! With Thanksgiving over it is now officially Christmas season! Mother of god, I swear it was Halloween like yesterday! Since Christmas is right around the corner we figured we would give you guys some Holiday gifts for both him and her. If you’re anything like us you will procrastinate all of your shopping until the very last second, and any help possible is necessary. So don’t stress! We got ya covered with some super easy gift ideas 😉

Skinny Oatmeal Pumpkin Bars

November 22
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Is anyone else completely in shock about the fact that Thanksgiving is practically here. Where has November gone? Or really where has the year gone for that matter… Nevertheless I couldn’t be more pleased about November coming to an end because that means that we will be traveling back home to Minnesota to spend Thanksgiving with our family and friends! It is going to be one incredible weekend. Every year we pretty much make Thanksgiving weekend into a big reunion/get together. We start off celebrating thanksgiving, then black Friday shopping at the MECA (aka Mall of American), and then celebrating our birthday early with our mom and best friends. This may just be our favorite weekend of the entire year and as you can probably tell the excitement is at an all-time high. ☺

The Zola Initiative

November 15

Good evening guys! We hope everyone had a fabulous Veterans Day! As you all know Veterans Day was on Sunday, and we figured what better way to show our support then to do a special post on a non-profit organization very near and dear to our hearts called The Zola Initiative. If any of you follow my sister or I on any social media platforms, then you have probably seen a lot about the Zola Initiative. Just in case you haven’t checked out the website, or heard about it at all, we wanted to give you all some background on how it started, what it is, and obviously why it means so much to us.

Cute Jacket/Dress Combos You’ll Fall In Love With

November 7

Happy Monday everyone! Did anyone have as amazing of a time celebrating daylight savings day as we did!? Haha. I swear that extra hour is everythingggg. Not only were we able to enjoy an extra hour of sleep, but we have also been enjoying the warmer weather here in STL! All weekend the temperature was in the 60’s so of course we took full advantage and decided to bust out some dress/jacket combos because you never know when the weather will change again here in MO. We both knew we wanted to do a jacket/dress combo, but we also had very different ways we wanted style. We ended up coming up with one casual look and one a little bit dressier. It’s called balance people, and that’s exactly what we’re serving up today 😉

Apple Crisp

November 3
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Happy Wednesday everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween! I know we did. We kept it pretty low-key this year and attended a puppy parade with our dogs instead of going all out like we typically do. Ivan, Baloo and I were a little family of minions, and my sister, matt and Gunner were a little dino family. It was honestly the cutest thing ever, and it made me extra happy that we decided to forgo our usual Halloween partying, and just spend time with our little families. I think we have finally hit adult status ya’ll LOL. We do however fully plan to partake in next years festivities 😉 We also attended the first STL bloggers meet-up this past Sunday morning and let me tell you it was ahhh-mazing. To finally be able to meet with fellow like-minded women, and to be able to chat and collaborate with women that are all on the same page as us was unbelievably refreshing and re-lit that fire under our asses. We cannot express enough how psyched we are for the upcoming meet ups, and to grow and work alongside all of you fellow girl bosses ;). Now onto the star of the show- Apple Crisp!

Black & Greens

October 21
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Welcome back everyone! How was everyone’s week? We have some new content up tonight! Take a look at our first steps into fall fashion this year. It hasn’t been very cool here yet in STL so we have had to keep the fall looks pretty light. I can’t believe it’s the end of October and it’s still in the 80s! We clearly aren’t in MN anymore haha. Thankfully the weather has been starting to cool down and we will be able to do a full dive into some chunky sweaters and boots this next week. But until then, keep on reading and get the dish on not only what’s been happening these last few weeks, but also for the outfit deets 😉

#TBT Chili

October 12
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Hey guys were back! So sorry we were so MIA for so long! We have had a MIllION things going on, but it was all so worth it because nowwwww Alanzo’s married! Yep! Everyone meet the new Mrs. Alana Malpica!!! With that being said we still have have tons going on. This weekend us and the boys are taking a couples trip to celebrate Alana and Ivan’s mini-moon! We’re so lame we know, but how could we pass up a chance to go to the Halloween capital of the world together? YEP were going to Halloween Horror nights at Universal Studios, Florida! But it doesn’t end there! We are also going to be drinking around the world at Epcot, Disney World! Don’t worry there will be pics of the wedding and the mini-moon to come, but in the mean time we figured we would give you a refresher of our chili recipe just in case you forgot!

Autumn Sangria

September 24
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As we get deeper and deeper into fall, the only cocktails I want to drink are ones that are fall themed. I honestly pretty much avoid anything else. I ask one of two questions every time a server comes to take our drink order; “do you have any pumpkin beer?” or “what kind of fall themed drinks do you have right now?”. Every year I make sure to try as many autumn beers and drinks as possible because frankly, it just makes me happy. In doing so I’ve managed to learn how to concoct some of my own fall cocktails as well, this one being a fall sangria. This cocktail screams autumn, and if you haven’t already gotten into the holiday spirit then this drink will surely jumpstart your autumn recipe cravings.

Fall Transition Looks!

September 19
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Hey guys! We made it through Monday! Thank god…haha. So it seems like everyone is just about on the same page now when it comes to fall. Unless us and all our friends are just crazy lol, but we are 100% ready to full immerse ourselves into the autumn culture. Mother nature however, does not seem to be on the same page. Last week along with this week temperatures have been in the…brace yourselves…90s. Disgusting we know. So this week’s post we’re both wearing two fall-ish outfits. Something that kinda plays with the idea of fall, while also letting you breathe in this ridiculous heat.