Fall Transition Looks!

September 19
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Hey guys! We made it through Monday! Thank god…haha. So it seems like everyone is just about on the same page now when it comes to fall. Unless us and all our friends are just crazy lol, but we are 100% ready to full immerse ourselves into the autumn culture. Mother nature however, does not seem to be on the same page. Last week along with this week temperatures have been in the…brace yourselves…90s. Disgusting we know. So this week’s post we’re both wearing two fall-ish outfits. Something that kinda plays with the idea of fall, while also letting you breathe in this ridiculous heat.

Although we totally wanted to dive head first into jackets, flannels, and boots, the weather just wouldn’t allow it. So we figured we were not the only two people having this issue. First and foremost we think the easiest way to give your outfit that fall feel is to start transitioning into the warmer, earthy, darker tones. Summer is over. Lets bring back the navys, maroons, and olive greens shall we! Another way to slowly transition is mix a fall piece with a summer piece. For instance Melina paired a denim jacket and black Timberland boots with denim shorts. A cute boot with some denim shorts is always a good idea in our books. It could be a heeled boot or a flat boot. Either way it for some reason seems to draw more attention to your legs. Alana paired a cute top with some dark blue jeans, some cute slip on flats, and then finished it off with a hat that could pass for a fall or summer look. Adding a hat to your outfit, no matter what the style, always seems to add that extra touch to an outfit. Here we feel like it really brought out the fall vibe. So there ya have it. Two totally different looks that achieve the same goal; a summer to fall transition outfit.

Have a fabulous week you guys!


The Twins

Outfit Details


Distressed Tee- just went on sale here !

Denim Jacket

Shorts- Similar here & here


Ruffled Top


Hat- Purchased mine from H&M- Similar here and here


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