Holiday Gift Ideas for Him & Her!

December 1
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Happy Thursday ya’ll! We hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving! With Thanksgiving over it is now officially Christmas season! Mother of god, I swear it was Halloween like yesterday! Since Christmas is right around the corner we figured we would give you guys some Holiday gifts for both him and her. If you’re anything like us you will procrastinate all of your shopping until the very last second, and any help possible is necessary. So don’t stress! We got ya covered with some super easy gift ideas 😉

For Her

So lets jump right in shall we! We will start with her because she’s a queen and….ladies first.

Bath Bombs– Okkkkk if you are not already into bath bombs then you gotta figure your life out because bath bombs are absolutely amazing. Both of us LOVE us some bath bombs and also love giving them as gifts. It’s like you are giving your girl an excuse to have some me time and relax. Our favorite ones are from lush. We have the site linked because there are so many to choose from, and it all depends on personal preference.

Bath Salts – Staying in the relaxation theme, you cannot go wrong with bath salts. The one linked is this super awesome one Alana found infused with Pinot Noir wine! Anything involving wine and we’re in.

Sheet Masks Sheet masks or masks in general always make great gifts. We are really liking this brand right now. You can buy them for about $4 a piece at Ulta, or 11 for $30 by clicking the link.

Candles– Need we say more? Our favs are the 3 wick candles from Bath and Body Works.

Wine Glasses & Winethere literally could not be an easier gift than a bottle of wine. It will never go out of style and never get old. You really cannot go wrong. Add some fun wine glasses to the mix, and you have yourself the perfect little gift. The glasses above are from Hallmark (linked), but Etsy has tons of fun glasses as well!

Coffee Grinder & Coffee– have some coffee fanatic friends? Stock them up with a little coffee grinder and yummy coffee beans! I just purchased this little grinder myself and absolutely love it! I also just recently tried As of Latte’s coffee and the flavor is heavenly.

Oil Diffuser & Essential Oils– Oil diffusers are great to give as gifts because they are multipurpose. They can aid in helping your loved one become more relaxed, energized, or just all around more healthy. My sister and I both have diffusers and we love them.

Winter Accessories- Winter accessories are always a great go-to for gifts. Click the links below to be directed to the hats, scarves, and mittens above!

Black Hat — if you hurry is still having a sale! 40-50% off!

Taupe Hat


Faux Fur Scarf

Pink & Purple Scarf

For Him

As females, when we think of Christmas gifts for our men, our minds go wild thinking about all the outfits we now have a reason to purchase to dress our life size Ken dolls in…or at least that’s where mine and my sister’s brains go. Personally, there is nothing more fun to me than dressing my boyfriend however, sometimes it’s just not about us. Not to mention you are probably shopping for more men in your life than just your hubby. The list above includes not only some things to make our men look fresh as hell, but also something that they may just want for a change. I call this a happy medium.

Whiskey & Whiskey Barrel– Alana and Ivan got this little whiskey barrel for Matt for his birthday and it is absolutely adorable, and fun to use. It is definitely a great gift for a whiskey drinker. Knob Creek is a spendy whiskey, but so worth it. Lets just say I was converted into a whiskey girl because of this stuff 😉

Multitool– I have been told that this is the god of all tools. You can get pretty much get any of your basic chores/tasks done with this one tool. Matt carries this thing around with him like it’s his child, and he swears by it. It is a tad expensive but he says quote “the rule with any tools is to spend the money once so you won’t have to spend it again…basically don’t buy cheap shit”. If the man your buying for is a handy man what so ever I would highly recommend this gift.

Super Nintendo NES Classic Addition– Calling all early millennials! The super Nintendo that we all remember is back, but in mini form! This mini Nintendo comes with all of the games we remember as kids from Super Mario/Kart, to Donkey Kong, to Zelda. This little console comes with all of the classic games installed! They are currently sold out, BUT! You can buy them new from buyers on Amazon. Do your research though and read the reviews of the buyers before you buy it. That’s what I did. I got one for Matt for his birthday and it is so worth it.

Car Care Kit & Car Vac– This is for all those car junkies out there that like to keep their babies sleek and clean.

Watches- watches are always a great gift for men. A watch can take an outfit from 0 to 100 real quick. Real frickin quick. Click here for watch 1, and here for watch 2.

Tie clips- Tie clips are a great accessory to add as a gift for a business man or just for men that wear ties often in general. Click here for black clip, and here for silver. Right now men’s warehouse is having a buy one get one 50% off deal on accessories along with a lot of other great deals on the site so I suggest you head over and check it out.

Cufflinks- I mean need I say more? Let’s fancy up our men up shall we? I mean beyonce said it best —let me upgrade you. Cufflinks on the right click here, and for cufflinks on the left click here.

Cologne- cologne is a win/win in my book. Get him something you both like. There’s nothing better than a man that smells good. For Kenneth Cole Black click here, and for Lacoste Essential click here.

Wallet– wallets are always a nice little add on gift. Or stuff it with gift cards and personalized coupons and you’re good to go!

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    December 3

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