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December 22
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It’s Friday people, and that means were only 3 days away from Christmas! Can you believe it? I’m pretty sure it was Halloween like yesterday. I don’t know about you guys, but things have been pretty nonstop around here. Alana is leaving for her honeymoon to Thailand tomorrow and will be gone for a whole 2 and ½ weeks ☹ . I know, I don’t know how I am going to survive either haha, but before she hops on a plane to paradise we figured we’d give you some cute holiday outfit inspo as well as answers to the 15 Winter Favorites tag questions that we were tagged in by one of our lovely local blogger friends Vera-

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So, let’s address the fact that I will be without my sister on Christmas for the FIRST time in our whole 27 years on this planet. That’s intense. So intense that I’m cringing writing this. Not only am I going to be without my sister for the first time on Christmas, but also without my mom. WOW…what? YA…the real world just hit me. Does this make me an actual adult now? I’m realizing that life doesn’t completely revolve around me and sometimes, just sometimes, you gotta switch up the plans a little bit. Why you ask? Because I have this person in my life that I kiiiiinda love a lot, and his happiness is now just as important as mine. So this year is going to be spent with his family! See, I told you. I’m officially an adult…or am I? We’ll talk when I’m 30 🙂

With all that being said, I am actually super excited to spend Christmas in STL and to see how Matt’s family gets down on Christmas. There’s even talk of snow on Christmas! (fingers crossed). We have a brunch on Christmas eve, and then a little get together later that night. On Christmas Day it will just be the two of us in our Christmas jammies smoking prime rib! And by us, I mean him because this girl has no idea how to work a smoker. I’ll probably be inside making Christmas cocktails if were being honest. Cranberry Moscow mules to be specific. Comment below if you would like the recipe!

Since we will have a lot of time for ourselves this weekend we will definitely be checking out some STL Christmas activities. I mean come on, I’ll have to do something to keep me busy while I’m obsessing over my sister’s snap chat of her and Ivan in tropical paradise without me -_-  but I mean it’s their honeymoon, so I guess I’ll give them that. For a complete list of St. Louis holiday activities check out last week’s blog post here! Matt and I are going to start at Garden Glow at the botanical gardens. We hear it’s amazing. Alana and Ivan went last week and said its absolutely breath taking. We will probably also be taking a trip to Tillis park to see all the holiday lights there as well! Nothing like a cup of hot cocoa and some baileys while seeing more Christmas lights! I’ll be vlogging this whole weekend so if you want to see some firsthand footage of garden glow or just of our Christmas weekend in general, subscribe to my youtube channel- MelinaAshley or follow me on snapchat @melinaiverson. If you want to see some REALLY good footage you’ll follow Alana on snap chat @alanaiverson and see all of their Thailand adventures! Lets get to the questions shall we!?

1. What’s your favorite holiday tradition? We both had the same answer for this one. Every year we do an annual cookie baking day and bake 5 or 6 kinds of cookies. We usually bake alllll day and it usually involved pajamas and lots of wine. It’s glorious.

2. What are your favorite go-to lippies?

Alana: Kat Von D: Lolita and Kat Von D: Bone and Arrow, topped with some Fenty gloss…Bomb

Melina: Kat Von D: Lolita is one of my favs as well, but also Sangria by Milani. Also, I looooove me just some basic Aquafor. It quenches my lips, but also gives them a nice shine without being sticky and lasts FOREVER. Aquafor til die.

3. What is your favorite winter scent? (perfume, candles, etc.)

Alana: I would say a combination of spices like cinnamon and nutmeg

Melina: Whether it be perfume or candles I love anything spicy or vanilla-y in the winter. Those warm scents really get me. I’m also loving me some fresh peppermint right now. There’s just something about a peppermint lotion right after a shower that I am really feeling. It just smells clean and festive.

4. What’s your go-to winter fashion trend?

Alana: White on white! Need I go further? Ok fine, I’ll raise you one. White on white, in the snow, with a pop of fur. Now that is living.

Melina: My sister’s answer really knocks it out of the park here. If you follow us on IG then you know we cannot get enough fur. Literally. I try to incorporate fur in some way to probably every one of my outfits. Faux Fur faux reaaalllssssss.

5. What is your favorite holiday movie?

Alana: The Holiday. I could watch it over and over again and never get sick of it. It makes me laugh, cry, and smile all together, and Ivan (my husband) loves it too so that’s a plus.

Melina: Elf! Such a cliché response and I don’t even cuurrrrr. I laugh soooo hard every time I watch it. Not to mention I can quote probably every other line and that always makes things more fun.

6. What is your favorite holiday tune?

Well we both have loved Nsync’s Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays song since we were kids. Hands down our fav song to sing to together.

Alana: Whitney Houston- the Christmas Song. I have been obsessed with her since middle school, and if I could listen to only one person sing for the rest of my life it would probably be her. Her voice is like an actual angel.

Melina: Zooey Deschanel and Leon Redbone- Baby, It’s Cold Outside. I’d say it’s pretty fitting since my favorite movie is Elf, but also I just love the way their voices sound together. I also love the vibe of the song and the attraction you can feel between the two characters. There’s something about him begging her to stay that is just so cute to me. When I found out that was one of Matt’s favorite Christmas songs as well it just made it that much better.

7. Do you prefer to travel or stay home?

Alana: Travel, hence why my ass is in Thailand for Christmas. Except the fact that I won’t be able to be with my sister. That part sucks 🙁

Melina: I don’t really care as long as I get to be with my family. If the family is traveling then cool. If not, that’s cool too. This is def the only and last Christmas I’ll be spending without my sister thank you very much.

8. What’s your winter skincare must have?

Alana: Tatcha cleansing oil. It keeps my skin super soft and hydrated.

Melina: Mario Badescu facial spray with aloe, herbs and rosewater. It gives me that extra burst of hydration before I moisturize. I love it.

9. What is your favorite winter haircare product?

We both say any kind of Moroccan oil for moisture. That stuff works wonders.

10. What is your favorite winter activity?

We both say snuggling in bed with the boys and our pups watching Christmas movies! Or hangin out with the four of us (six if you count the fur children) and just drinking wine and chillin.

11. What is your favorite winter beauty product? 

Alana: I have way too many! I love me a good moisturizing face mask. Right now I also love the original Nivea lotion. It gives your skin an amazing glow.

Melina: For starters I love the Dove Winter Care body wash. It is super moisturizing and smells really good. I am also obsessed with Kiehl’s rare earth deep pore cleansing masque, but that’s any time of the year.

12. Love or hate the snow?

Alana: “hate hate hate, hate hate hate, double hate, loooooooathe ENTIRELY” (that’s a Grinch quote if you didn’t catch that 😉 )

Melina: I want it for like a week during Christmas and then I never want to see it again.

13. What is one item on your wish list?

Alana: We aren’t doing gifts with anyone this year since we will be overseas, which is kinda depressing lol, so on my wish list is honestly just that my family and friends have an amazing Christmas, and get everything they want.

Melina: Well I am going to have to agree with my sister’s answer so I don’t look like a complete asshole lmfao, but I’d be lying if I said a laptop wasn’t on my wish list hahaha.

14. Favorite holiday treat?

COOKIES!!! GIVE US ALL THE COOKIES! and holiday cocktails of course 😉

15. Do you finish your holiday shopping before December or are you a last minute shopper?

Alana: I am definitely not a last minute or impulsive shopper. Everything is usually planned out to the very last detail for me. I usually start shopping months in advance.

Melina: I am very last minute haha. Unless I know exactly what I want to get someone, I usually bust it out at the very end.

So that wraps up the 15 Winter Favs Tag! Thanks again Vera for the Tag! Go subscribe to her blog at .

We are also tagging one of our other favorite bloggers in this tag! …check her out!

And like we promised! To get $10 off your Ball Park Village Tickets simply click here and enter the promo code STLBLOGGERS. The general admission ticket includes all inclusive drinks until midnight, a confetti drop, a champagne toast at midnight, and access to 5 venues under one roof. I (Melina) will be there, so come say hi 🙂

We hope you all have an amazing weekend and a very merry Christmas! Safe travels everyone!

Happy Holidays!


The Twins

Outfit Details


Scarf: Mine was from ALDO last season and was oversized giving it that cape feel- similar here , here & here




Boots: similar here & here


Cape: My mom got it at her work gift shop believe it or not, but I feel like this is the same one. Here is a similar one.




Sweater: similar here, here & here




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  1. Vera

    December 27

    Umm, I think I just might be your triplet because we have so many things in common! I loved both of your outfits too. I hope your Christmas turned out wonderful ladies!

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