Fall Transition Looks!

September 19
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Hey guys! We made it through Monday! Thank god…haha. So it seems like everyone is just about on the same page now when it comes to fall. Unless us and all our friends are just crazy lol, but we are 100% ready to full immerse ourselves into the autumn culture. Mother nature however, does not seem to be on the same page. Last week along with this week temperatures have been in the…brace yourselves…90s. Disgusting we know. So this week’s post we’re both wearing two fall-ish outfits. Something that kinda plays with the idea of fall, while also letting you breathe in this ridiculous heat.

Sunglass Up Sunnies!

August 31
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What’s up you guys! We are actually about 3 hours away to getting on a plane to go celebrate Alana’s bachelorette party in Scottsdale, Arizona. OMGGGG we are so pumped. I swear we have been waiting for this day for forever! Stay tuned because we will definitely have some good bach party content to follow ;). Before we head off to our little weekend get-a-way we wanted to clue you guys in on one of our fav spots to purchase sunglasses! The site is called Sunglass Up and they have allllll the most popular trends right now. Plus! We have a discount code for you all to use when you decide to purchase your sunnies! Keep reading to find out!

Alana’s Bridal Shower!

August 28
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Happy Sunday everyone! So as promised the bridal shower post is finally here! We will for warn you there are A LOT more pics than normal, but hey, we had a lot of content to cover haha. Everything from the decorations, to the food recipes, to our outfit details! A lot of love and work went in to making this bridal shower as perfect as possible so we hope you all enjoy <3

Sweet Egg White Omelet

August 19
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Hey guys! Long time no see huh!?  Alana’s bridal shower was last weekend and all of our friends were in town from Minnesota so we had to skip a week for posts. We’ll make it up to you I promise! We’ve got some good stuff comin up 😉 Not to mention stay tuned for next week’s post which will be alllll about the bridal shower! From our outfits, to the food, to the decorations, we’re talking about it ALL! As for today however we have a nice little treat for you guys. This week were featuring my sister’s yummy sweet egg white omelet. Yep a sweet omelet! Sounds crazy I know. I thought so too when she first made it for me, but trust us. If you know Alana then you know that she loooves creating yummy substitutes and healthy alternatives for not only desserts, but for breakfast also. Keep reading and she’ll show you how to as well 🙂

Black Button Downs & Friendships

July 29

Haaaaaappy Friday everyone! God, it seemed like this week was never ending. Probably because the week always takes a long time to get through when you have something to look forward to for the weekend. Tomorrow a big group of us and our friends are going floating down the river. I am so excited to just relax and enjoy the outdoors with NO PHONES! So that will be pretty great. I sat down thinking “Ok Melon, what the hell are you going to write about this week?”.  Right when I thought I was having a severe case of writer’s block, I started to reflect on experiences that happened to me this week along with the experiences that happened to people I loved this week and then I realized a HUGE theme for me has been the importance of surrounding yourself with like-minded and positive energy people.

Chocolate Chip Banana Pancakes

July 20
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Without fail almost every weekend morning that rolls around I find myself craving pancakes. Typically I’m having an inner battle and trying to decide whether I want pancakes or cereal because cereal (cinnamon toast crunch specifically) is pretty much on par with the pancake world, but that’s a different story. Now you all saw our previous post on our healthy go to protein pancake recipe I assume? Right.. right? Well if not make sure you refer back to http://www.twinstakeover.com/category/food/  because these babies are the bombdotcom as well. However, a girl likes options and sometimes prefers something a bit different and this is where these pancakes come through like the shining star that they really are.

Summer Chillin & Stayin Focused

July 12
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What’s up guys! Welcome back! How was everyone’s 4th of July!? Our’s was a little bit crazy. We went to Nashville for four days and had a blast. We saw so much and ATE SO MUCH. Not gonna lie I think we both came back a good 5 lbs heavier haha, but I mean what can you do? That’s 5 lbs of pure happiness in our bellys right there. Nashville has some of the best food! Alana and Matt are pretty obsessed with researching everything a head of time so we basically had every meal planned before we even got there, and I must say I don’t think we ate at one place that was bad. Everything was legitimately on point. So! These outfits! We wore these our last night out while in Nashville. We went to an area called Midtown. The midtown area has kind of a chill, islandy vibe which is funny because it’s in Nashville ha, but it’s definitely worth checking out. Our outfits definitely had that lowkey, islandy feel to them as well so we felt they were definitely appropriate for that warm summer night.

Summer Beauty Must Haves!

June 30
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Hey guys and happy humpday! With the summer officially among us we felt it was necessary to introduce you to some of our summer beauty favorites! Whether you’re headed to the beach, or a family bbq, we’re pretty damn certain some of these picks will help keep you lookin’ flawless in the midst of the summer warmth. No one likes feeling like a sweaty hot mess which is why we’re here to help show you guys our tricks for beating the heat, and giving your skin that perfect sun-kissed glow that everyone and their mom is after.

Breakfast Steak Quesadillas

June 20
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Hey guys! How was everyone’s weekend?? Ours was pretty eventful. Matt and I had our first housewarming party and it was a great success! We made all of our own food which we loved but we definitely learned which ideas were good and which were not as easy to keep up with haha. We definitely underestimated the amount of work it takes to go into prepping and making that much food for that many people lol. All in all though it all turned out fabulous and now we have one party underneath our belts and the next one will flow even better! I might actually share the dessert I made at some point on the blog if you guys are interested! I made these little semi homemade strawberry, kiwi trifles, I guess is what you could call them. They basically looked like little parfaits, but with pound cake instead of yogurt. They were a hit! But anyways let’s get into the breakfast recipe I made with Matt last Sunday while my sister was in Vegas!